Zeapon AS-H1 Vlogtopus Telescopic Pole

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Mã sản phẩm: FPVH1
Hãng sản xuất: Zeapon
Loại: Slider
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VLOGTOPUS Telescopic Pole Overview

The Vlogtopus Telescopic Pole, as a key role in the Vlogtopus series products, helps video creators with a large amount of equipment to make the most of their studio space by mounting all their frequently used cameras, lights, microphones, monitors, etc. on one main pole, while being compatible with the Vlogtopus Folding Arm and Microphone Mount, it can integrate seamlessly with the Vlogtopus Desk Mount system. The aircraft aluminum alloy main pole with built-in industrial springs allows for high strength long-term suspension of equipment and also allows for single person operation and free change of scene through the double fastening design. The pole can be adapted to difffferent heights from 1.4m to 3.1m and will never fall off, making it easy to disassemble and install, so take advantage on your imagination to create more value.

Single person operation with double fastening design
The Vlogtopus telescopic pole has a double fastening design so that the Vlogtopus telescopic pole and Vlogtopus Folding Arms can be moved to another position and locked again by removing the camera light and other equipment and loosening the fastening knob. The bottom fastening adjuster is a second fastening design where the user turns the adjuster to create tension on both ends of the pole, making the Vlogtopus telescopic pole more secure and less likely to fall off.

Height change at will
The Vlogtopus telescopic pole can be adapted to different floor heights from 1.4m to 3.1m and can be extended to higher heights with the Vlogtopus Extension Rod.

Double Insurance. Save your mind
For users with a lot of equipment, heavy loads, and frequent use of the pole, Vlogtopus telescopic pole prepared multiple T4 screw holes to the two ends of the sky-ground plate, so that users can choose to fix the two ends of the sky-ground plate to the floor or ceiling, ensuring that the pole never falls off.

Upgrading and switching, Up to you
Buy a desk mount kit and replace the main pole to realize the switching of the three systems, and realize the maximum function with the minimum budget.

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