Ngày đăng: 16/06/2023

BY-PM700SP -- Are You Eager to Upgrade Your Home Studio Setting?

Shenzhen, November 3, 2019. BOYA is well-known for its high-quality microphones with affordable prices that are designed to meet the various demands of users. BOYA has launched its universal and feature-packed USB condenser microphone -- the BY-PM700SP.


As your projects get bigger and bigger, your studio setting also needs to grow with you. Many content creators are searching for better studio settings during the process of their growth. And audio is a vital part of contents, so is the microphone in the home studio.But how to choose a suitable microphone to upgrade your home studio? More expensive, more better? Maybe not. A tech blogger said:” Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, just like us humans. The key reason to choose a product is whether its advantages meet your needs and whether you can accept its disadvantages.”


Our customers will consider a series of factors before choosing a product, such as the price, design, functions and so on. But the price will be more prominent when you choose equipment with a budget. So the same is true when you upgrade your home studio, especially when you need to upgrade various devices while thinking about the cost. So maybe the universal and feature-packed USB condenser microphone BY-PM700SP would be an excellent solution to upgrade your home studio without breaking your bank.


Now here the bright white BY-PM700SP, designed with triple custom capsules, delivers podcast-quality, crystal clear and natural sound to your podcasts, voice-overs and music projects, and meanwhile features four switchable polar patterns to capture specific sounds as you need in different scenarios. As well as an array of digital switching built into the BY-PM700SP that allows you to control the volume, microphone gain and mute function, plus there is a 3.5mm headphone monitoring jack that provides you the real-time monitoring experience.


And more flexibly, the BY-PM700SP comes with an unmatched universality. It can work with most devices without any drivers, such as the iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and Mac computers.


All of these make the BY-PM700SP one of the best solutions for content creators to upgrade their home studio, and transfer their contents to a higher level and make them sound incredible.