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Mã sản phẩm: FEK11
Hãng sản xuất: FiFine
Loại: Microphone & Audio
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 Unique Identification of Connection

It makes this wireless system less difficult to set up than you might imagine. Even if multiple sets will be used at a time, you just need to power the systems up one by one, the receiver and the transmitter of each setup will sync up automatically.  

Convenient Supply of Power

  • Speaking of power-up, what can be more convenient than a combination of USB and battery power?
  • A receiver actually drains up more power, thus in this wireless system, it gets consistent power from a computer USB port.
  • While the transmitter is powered by a pair of AA batteries, either rechargeable (Duracell is recommended) or one-off (Amazon Basics is recommended).
  • An easy-to-read LCD of the transmitter shows the battery life and the current frequency channel.

User-friendly Setup with Computers

  • Power the system up, plug the USB receiver into your computer (Windows or Mac) and wait for the automatical installation of the USB driver.   
  • Once it gets powered from the USB port, it will flash blue light for a while through its vein, which serves as a startup indicator to tell you it is up and running.
  • The headphone jack of the USB dongle provide flexible ways to output the computer sound: through PC's 3.5mm jack or the one of the USB receiver. But make sure you choose the correct output method under software setting. Because the out is default to the USB receiver once it is plugged in.   
  • It is compatible with calling platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Meeting, Google Hangout, Skype. And a quick tip here to turn off the feature of auto volume adjustment to get a consistent good sounding.   

Using with Mobiles is neither A Bother 

  • With a USB adapter, it works with an iPhone, iPad or Android. Which adapter you will need is down to the model of your phone. But one thing to keep in mind, when using with mobile, it works as a recording device not for calling. 
  • The small form factor (3"*1"), around 1/6 of the size of your smartphone, allows you to put the USB receiver and phone into even a pocket to carry around.
  • The wireless feature comes in handy if you want to film at a distance from your mobile. The small size capsule of either a lapel or a head-worn will minimize the background sound as much as possible. These two combinations will provide convenience as well as good sounding to your outdoor filming or even field recording.  

Versatility Cannot be Beat

  • A light-weight head-worn mic fits firmly, making it possible to get quality sound for recording fitness or even a high-intensity aerobics tutorial.
  • The clip-on mic is ideal for video conferences and online interviews, audience will not notice the hidden mic under your clothing but will be impressed by its clear sound!

A Quart into A Pint Pot

  • In-born high sensitivity ensures good clarity even from the small clip-on mic. You do not have to set the input gain of the computer high, and people will hear much less distortion in your voice. A better-sounding and more in-person feeling web conferencing is rather easy to pull off. If you have a pretty soft voice, you still have the head-worn mic as a spare option.  
  • The cardioid pattern does an excellent job at reducing noise, especially background sound. Plus a tiny size of the lapel capsule, the noise rejection is just off the scale.  

Cut-price But Undiluted Performance

The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is well-known for its penetrable signal. So it is a better choice for using in built-up areas, rather than VHF, Bluetooth or WiFi. With such a powerful signal, even the budget wireless microphone K031B has a stable wireless range up to 80 feet. The range may vary in the face of obstacles, but you still have plenty of room to play with. 

Time to pull off the Party Trick

  • There are 20 selectable frequency channels of this wireless system, which ensures conflict-free transmission even in less perfect environments. Because you can simply avoid frequency issues by clicking the top button to change to another channel. Within a second, the system will pair and be back on form again. Frequency conflict can spoil your online course no more. 
  • Because of such a feature, you can utilize 3 to 5 sets concurrently by setting them in different frequency channels.


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