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Mã sản phẩm: FEK12
Hãng sản xuất: FiFine
Loại: Microphone & Audio

Unique Identification of Connection

It makes this wireless system less difficult to set up than you might imagine. Even if multiple sets will be used at a time, you just need to power the systems up one by one, the receiver and the transmitter of each setup will sync up automatically.  

Convenient Supply of Power

  • When it comes to efficiency and consistency, battery power may not be the best choice for indoor. But if it is about field usage and you do not want to bother with a bulky AC outlet power bank, battery-powered devices can just walk over. Reload and pair up in just seconds and crack on again.       
  • The receiver gets power from a pair of AAA size batteries while the transmitter is powered by the AA ones, either rechargeable (Duracell is recommended) or one-off (Amazon Basics is recommended).
  • An easy-to-read LCD of the transmitter shows the battery life and the current frequency channel.

The compatibility is hard to fault

  • With this wireless system, an instructor or a presenter needs not to be an audio techie to finish the setup. The whole system is rather self-explanatory: a receiver receives the audio signal and sends it to a speaker or PA system. You just need to find an input port on your speaker that matches the size of the plug (1/4" or 6.35mm) on the receiver.
  • To sync the system successfully, please turn off your speaker Bluetooth and hook up the device providing background music to the speaker with wire connection. To get the best sound out of it, please set a decent input gain level on your speaker.
  • You may want to change the tone a bit to suit the situation more or record down your public address, then plug the receiver of this wireless system into a microphone or a 1/4" jack of your mixer and you are up and running! 
  • For a field recording, it may look embarrassed and can be inconvenient to hold a huge recorder in front of your face. Especially when you want to record from a distance and still need the audio with less background noise. Then hook up this wireless mic to a 1/4" or a 3.5mm (via the included camera adapter) of your recorder.

Pull all the accessories out of the bag

Interchangeable Lapel Mic

Ideal for presentation, speech in a large venue, audience will not notice the hidden mic under your clothing but will be impressed by its clear sound!

Interchangeable Headworn Mic

Light-weight, but fits firmly, making it possible to get no-choppy sound when using in a Yoga teaching or most high-intensity aerobics classes.

TRRS Mobile Adapter

Turns the 1/4" plug into a common one on your phone/tablet. If it's a USB Type-C mobile, you also need a headphone adapter (not included).

TRS Camera Adapter

The right-angle design is useful for connecting the receiver to a bulky camera or camcorder, which prevents the plug from breaking in just a nudge.  

  • The less you boost the audio signal, the more natural sound people will hear. Plus the in-born high sensitivity, which makes a lower gain setting on your speaker possible. To pull off a better-sounding and more in-person feeling presentation will never be this easy. If your is pretty soft voice, you have the head-worn mic covering your back. It points more directly to your mouth to pick you up well.  
  • The cardioid pattern does an excellent job at reducing noise, especially background sound. Plus a tiny size of the lapel capsule, the noise rejection is just off the scale.
  • It does NOT work with computers. If you want to host a Zoom call on your laptop or PC, please turn to the K031B USB wireless system instead:   

Raise your game of mobile streaming

  • Your fancy smartphones may not bad at sound quality. But it can not cope with the situation that you are not talking close to it. If you are concerned about background sound, a shotgun mic is far from ideal either. The choice of a wireless system is not left over, in fact it can easily become the answer for its decent clarity and flexibility of moving around.
  • Once connected it with your mobile, you will NOT hear any sound coming out of your phone. Unless you unplug the receiver. So it is only suitable for recording not for video calls, conferencing. 

Get more versatility in camera recording

  • In video content creation, if you do not want to get yourself much into the trouble of post-production, getting the best audio quality is one of the most crucial parts. But you may want some long shots to spice up your video. A shotgun mic does the job well if you are standing still in some distance. But when you start moving around, it really cannot stack up against a wireless microphone.
  • We recommend using it only on a device with a 1/4" input. But it is possible to get it to work on a speaker that has just a 3.5mm aux port when you just cannot find any proper speaker. Just make sure you use this camera for the connection.

Cut-price But Undiluted Performance

The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is well-known for its penetrable signal. So it is a better choice for using in built-up areas, rather than VHF, Bluetooth or WiFi. With such a powerful signal, even the budget wireless microphone K037B has a stable wireless range up to 45-60 feet. The range may vary in the face of obstacles, but you still have plenty of room to play with. 

Time to pull off the Party Trick

  • There are 20 selectable frequency channels of this wireless system, which ensures conflict-free transmission even in less perfect environments. Because you can simply avoid frequency issues by clicking the top button to change to another channel. Within a second, the system will pair and be back on form again. Frequency conflict can spoil your online course no more.
  • Because of such a feature, you can utilize 3 to 5 sets concurrently by setting them in different frequency channels.


Frequency BandUHF 565-584MHz
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response50-16kHz
Power SupplyTransmitter: 2 AA Batteries
Receiver: 2 AAA Batteries
Output Connection1/4" TS connector (1/4" to 1/8" TRS and TRRS adapters)
Shipping Weight0.8 kg
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