PhotoCity e -learning Teacher Kit M2 (Bộ dụng cụ dạy học online)

3,333,000₫ 3,509,000₫
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Mã sản phẩm: Teacher Kit M3
Hãng sản xuất: PhotoCity
Loại: Solution
Mua ngay

Combo PhotoCity e -learning Teacher Kit M2 bao gồm:
1* webcam Logitech C922

1* microphone wireless USB Fifine K031B

1* loa Lenovo M550

Thông số kỹ thuật Webcam Logitech C922 

  • Full HD 1080p / 720p ở 60 khung hình / giây sắc nét, video mượt mà với độ nén H.264.
  • Tự động điều chỉnh ánh sáng yếu Phát trực tiếp video rõ ràng ngay cả trong ánh sáng mờ.
  • Chân máy Chân máy tính bảng có thể điều chỉnh hoàn toàn với giá đỡ xoay. Kéo dài đến 18,5cm.
  • Loại tiêu cự: lấy nét tự động


Thông số kỹ thuật microphone wireless USB Fifine K031B

  • [Free Your Hands And Mind] USB wireless system brings the convenience of wireless to your communications and recordings. Ease of use, accurate response and lightweight construction allowing you to roam the room without having to hold a microphone. Ideal wireless system for recording lectures and online tutorial.
  • [Multiple Applications] Plug-and-play operation with no driver installation required. Connect directly to your computer via USB and start working with your favorite DAWs, VoIP communication software and applications for speech-to-text dictation. Compatible with iPads and iPhones (4S and later) using geniune Lightning USB Camera Adapter from Apple (Not included). Incompatible with speaker system, mixer even know it has a USB input.
  • [USB Wireless Microphone System Presentation] Easy pairing for fast set up. Allows you to wirelessly capture stunning audio straight to your Mac/PC. Perfect for audio or video recording, Youtube streaming, conducting podcasts and classroom settings.
  • [Headset/Lavalier Microphone Wireless Systems] Clip on wireless lavalier microphone for hands-free voice reinforcement. Lav mics are perfect for live presenters, youtuber and teachers. Headset mic delivers high definition audio for creating videos on pc, laptops or smartphones. Ideal for gaming, podcasting, vloging, fitness instructors recording for youtube.
  • [Interference-resistant UHF Band Operation] The wireless receiver automatically pairs with the transmitter. Set up is as easy as plug-and-play. No interference and stable connection in selectable UHF band. Allows you to provide audio connectionless freedom of movement up to 80'.

Thông số kỹ thuật loa Lenovi M550

USB+3.5mm Plug Dual Speakers Dual Diaphragms 4D Stereo Sound Multi-device compatibility1.Description:
Lenovo M550 1.2m Wired Speaker USB+3.5mm Plug/Dual Speakers/52mm Driver/Dual Diaphragms/4DStereoSoundSpeaker Wired Device Compatible for Tablet/Desktop/Smartphone

USB+3.5mm Plug
Dual Speakers
Dual Diaphragms
Multi-device compatibility

Item name: Lenovo M550 Speaker
Model: M550
Channel: 2.0 Audio system
Power supply: USB
Interface: USB+3.5mm plug
Power: DC 5V
Speaker size: 52mm dual speakers
Volume control: Independent volume remote controller
Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 55MV
Diaphragm: 50mm side double shock membrane
Product size: 110*82*63mm
Product weight: 496g

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